• May 27, 2024

Fox News Calls Tantaros a Liar, Then She Makes This Challenge


Fox News has decided to attack Andrea Tantaros over her lawsuit against them, calling her opportunistic and that her stories are all lies.  She then made them an offer I’m sure they’ll refuse.  She suggested that players on both sides of the suit take lie detector tests.  She even offered up what questions could be asked of Roger Ailes, Bill Shine and Bill O’Reilly.

When I think about the large number of women now making accusations it reminds me of something my daddy used to say.  If one man calls you a horse, ignore him.  If two men call you a horse, you should stop and think about it.  If three men call you a horse, buy yourself a saddle.  With all the accusations against Fox News, they could revive the Pony Express.

Here are some of the questions found inside an email to reporters as published by the Conservative Tribune:

“Did you ever ask Ms. Tantaros to turn around for you?” read one question specifically for Ailes. “Did you ever say anything to Ms. Tantaros about how she would look in a bikini?”

Other questions probed whether the network’s other employees attempted to harm Tantaros’ reputation in retaliation for having complained internally about Ailes.

For instance, a question to Briganti asked if she “ever (told) a reporter that Ms. Tantaros had been taken off the air because she had engaged in a physical altercation with another female Fox News employee?”

Tantaro’s attorney noted in the email that “an innocent person would jump at the chance for this kind of vindication,” according to Raw News.

“And if Ms. Tantaros were not telling the truth she would not risk offering this proposal?” he added. (Her lawyer)



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