• June 20, 2024

[Video] Bill Clinton Proposes Throwing Detroit Blacks Under the Bus


Detroit has been rocked by high unemployment and the foreclosure of houses.  After democrats destroyed the city, the republican governor, Rick Snyder appointed a republican to take over running the city.  Detroit is now out of bankruptcy and the mayor is planning a program to allow residents to homestead the empty homes.  That should be great news for blacks in Detroit and they deserve it.  Home ownership and repairs will create new jobs for the long suffering black community.  But not so fast.  Bill Clinton is is proposing those houses and jobs go to Syrian refugees.

Clinton just threw the entire black community in Detroit under the bus.  Clinton made his remarks back in February during a discussion about the Clinton Global Initiative.  Hillary criticized Obama for bringing in only 10,000 Syrian refugees,  She said the number should have been at least 67,000.

Clinton said:

Detroit has 10,000 empty, structurally sound houses—10,000. And lot of jobs to be had repairing those houses. Detroit just came out of bankruptcy and the mayor’s trying to do an innovative sort of urban homesteading program there. But it just gives you an example of what could be done. And I think any of us who have ever had any personal experience with either Syrian Americans or Syrian refugees think it’s a pretty good deal.

From Breitbart News:

It is unclear from the video why Clinton seems to think it would be better to fill these Detroit jobs with imported foreign migrants rather than unemployed Americans already living there, who could perhaps benefit from good-paying jobs.

In the video, Clinton discusses the migrant crisis with billionaire and mass migration enthusiast Hamdi Ulukaya of the Chobani yogurt empire.

Ulukaya has become a figure of controversy for his decision to fill his yogurt plants with foreign refugees rather than unemployed Americans. At the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year, Ulukaya encouraged other global elites to follow his lead.

The unearthed video seems to underscore Donald Trump’s recent declaration that, “Hillary Clinton would rather provide a job to a refugee from overseas than to give that job to unemployed African-American youth in cities like Detroit who have become refugees in their own country.”

Hillary Clinton has called for a 550 percent expansion to the importation of Syrian refugees. Based on the minimum figures she has put forth thus far, a President Hillary Clinton could potentially import a population of refugees (620,000) that nearly equals thepopulation of Detroit (677,116).

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