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In November Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Told FBI He Was Being Forced to Fight For ISIS

Esteban Santiago, the man who shot up the Ft Lauderdale airport had warned the FBI that he was being forced to fight for ISIS when he walked into an Alaskan FBI office in November.  Santiago lives in Alaska within walking distance of the only mosque in Alaska.  Santiago had been in the U.S. Army National Guard, from which he had received an honorable discharge.


I’m still waiting for the mainstream media to announce it was another radical Islamic shooting.  (Just kidding.  I’m not that Naive.)  There is one thing that troubles me.  Santiago landed at Ft Lauderdale, entered the bathroom and came out shooting.  That would mean that either he was able to smuggle the guns on two different planes as he had to change planes in Minnesota or…someone had to plant the guns in the bathroom and Santiago retrieved them.  I’m not sure which is worse.

It is not known if police will ever figure out if it was a terrorist attack or not.  They really can’t be sure.  People could be surer once Trump is president.

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