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GAME CHANGER: 9th Circuit Judge Wants Do Over on Travel Ban Vote

In what has to be devastating news for liberals is that a judge from the 9th Circuit court that upheld the stay on Trump’s travel ban wants a do over on the vote.  This is unheard of.  Have you ever seen anything like that?  Of course there are several possibilities to explain the request.


The name of the judge making the request is not revealed and we don’t know what side of the fence he is on and it may not really matter anyway.There are some very good reasons why judges of both the liberal side and the conservative side would want a full vote in front of all 11 judges.

First, what if some of the refugees we let in under they stay kills people?  It’s not that I think the liberal judges would let it affect their consciences because I doubt they have one but it would be a scandal that would remain with the court forever.

The second theory is the one I believe to be the most likeliest.  Power.  Right now, the 9th Circuit Court rules over 20% of the population.  The 9th is the most liberal appeals court in America and they have 79% of their decisions overturned.  The democratic party is a criminal enterprise and the 9th is their enforcers.  They allow unconstitutional programs to continue, they can stop a constitutional one like the travel ban from being implemented at least until SCOTUS overturns them.

This time is different.  Both Houses of Congress and the White House are in the hands of republicans.  Both, the House and the Se3nate are working on bills to close the 9th down.  Not entirely but to a great extent.  The Senate plan would remove 6 of the nine states from the 9th Circuit.  They would only have California, Oregon and Washington state left.

The do over is a trial balloon to see if congress will drop their bills if they reverse their dreadful ruling.  If that’s the case, I’d say no revote.  We need to put an end to this extremist court.

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