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Gay activist church member penned vandalization hate crime on Trump supporters

After Donald Trump soundly beat Hillary Clinton in the November presidential election there was an avalanche of inflammatory mainstream media stories citing fabricated hate crimes, like the purported vandalization of an Indiana Episcopal church. According to WTHR, a gay activist church member made up the entire Trump hate crime hoax, when he painted a swastika, homophobic language, and the words “Heil Trump on the church.

As was the case of all of the reported so-called Trump inspired hate crimes that raged across the nation last November, the actual hate originated with liberal haters, like 26-year-old George Nathaniel Stang the church’s own organist.

When Stang reported the vandalism to the police last November most residents publicly felt that the church and its congregation that welcomed gays were being targeted by this ‘vast-right-wing Trump movement’ that only existed in the minds of the Hillary snowflake followers and Stang’s. Apparently, the church organist either was engaging in a bit of self-hate for his life choice when he painted, “Heil Trump” and “Fag Church” on the outside of the building or he has larceny in his heart. Either way it is a horrible crime.

The town’s police began an investigation and unfortunately for the gay church attendee, they were not swayed by his misleading statements, and instead the investigators felt the crime was indeed an inside job. According to Breitbart, the vandalism had to have been perpetrated by someone who was very familiar with the church. When law enforcement officials had completed their investigation, they zeroed in on Stang and arrested him.

26-year-old George Nathaniel Stang a gay activist vandalized his own church

26-year-old George Nathaniel Stang a gay activist vandalized his own church

The organist actually became part of the litany of haters across the nation who could not or would not accept the results of the presidential election as if somehow, they were entitled to a Hillary Clinton win, despite the will of the voters. So, like others across the nation who felt that creating fictional hate crimes would somehow demonstrate how hateful Trump supporters were, and that was logical and okay, Stang found out these crimes were not okay.
By taking cues from the losing democrat presidential candidate who demonized GOP nominee Trump supporters by labeling them deplorable and irredeemable, Stang and others like him revealed their own deplorable and irredeemable intolerance for their fellow Americans. The facts do not lie.

A black Baylor University student, Natasha Nkhama claimed, that a white male told her “No n—–s allowed on the sidewalk,” and “I’m just trying to make America great again.” That was a hoax and a lie. In another lie that swept across the country, a female Muslim student at the University of Michigan shortly after the election claimed a white male stranger threatened to set her on fire if she did not remove her hijab. The liberal media believed her and her fabrication was used as evidence of alleged Trump intolerance for Muslims. As it turned out the only thing on fire was her vicious lies.

Meanwhile during that same period in November, the unapologetic church member apparently felt that when he woke up that morning and made the decision to paint hate on the outside of the church his actions were somehow justified. According to WTHR, Stang admitted that he wanted to “mobilize a movement after being disappointed in and fearful of the outcome of the national election.” He also stated in the court records that, “I suppose I wanted to give local people a reason to fight for good, even if it was a false flag.”

Perhaps Stang can continue his urge to rally those who support his misguided movement from a narrow jail cell, where he will hopefully have a long time to think about his wrongheaded criminal activism.

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