• May 24, 2024

German People Reject Angela Merkel’s Migrant Policies At the Polls

Angela Merkel  Chancellor of Germany has officially seen her better days, and the recent election rings her death knell. Her immigration policies have driven her people to turn on her in unheard of amounts. Why she took this course of action has been debated, but the bottom line is the German People are not happy.

According to express.co.uk:

A year after the embattled Chancellor unveiled her controversial open borders policy, Mrs Merkel’s CDU party was beaten into third place by the right wing Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party in her home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.”If a lot of CDU members start seeing this defeat as Merkel’s fault, and members of parliament start seeing her as a danger for the party and their own jobs in next year, the whole situation could escalate out of control. If the AfD beats the CDU again in two weeks in Berlin, things could get ugly fast.”

What you are seeing in Europe and the push back against globalism. People for the most part want to help people in need, but not to the extent of their own welfare. In this case culture, death, rape and sovereignty. What you will see continue, because of these migrant policies will be a rise in Nationalism in many countries, which is just what the Globalists and Elites do not want to see. What do you think?

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