• November 29, 2023

Girl Kicks the Crap Out of a Boy Who Refused To Hit a Girl [VIDEO]

Should boys and men never hit a girl or woman. Certainly that was true when I was growing up, but now I’m not so sure. Girls and women have been getting increasingly violent and no man should have to endure someone just because she has woman parts. The boy in this video should punched her in the face.

 A girl was caught on video intensely beating a boy and screaming at him for allegedly stealing her iPhone (video below).

The clip, which went viral after being posted online, shows the girl screaming at the boy and punching him in the head repeatedly. The boy can be seen taking the hits and restraining himself from hitting her back.

“You have my s***, b****,” the girl screams at the boy. The boy continually denies stealing her phone, but the girl doesn’t buy it.

“Everybody said it was you,” she yells.

“I don’t even have your phone,” the boy replies.

The video’s original uploader, Christian Cato, explained the altercation in the video description:

I was there when it happened we go to Westbury High school. This white boy at our school loved to steal and sell phones. So he picked the wrong girl to steal from, she beats the s*** out of him. He stole her iPhone and her MacBook Pro. And at the end she doesn’t get her iPhone or MacBook back.

Many readers felt the boy should have hit the girl back.

“I used to say never hit a woman,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “I no longer believe that for many reasons. I would knock her teeth out. If anyone questioned my decision, I would tell them I now identify myself as a female. So stuff that in your safe space. Lol.”

“If she wants to hit somebody like that she needs to get hit back,” another said. “It’s actually getting out of control where these girls think they can just punch these boys and get away with it and that was my son defend yourself.”

Leave a comment on whether the boy should have hit her or not.

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