• December 11, 2023

Man Acts To Protect His Daughter and Now Faces Trial For It

Ben Batterham was at home when an intruder broke into his house.  He confronted Ricky Slater, 34, just outside his daughter’s bedroom.  Slater had just been released from prison before he made what turned out to be the last crime he would ever commit.

Batterham and an unnamed man restrained Slater and then called the police.  When the police arrived, they took Slater to the hospital where he died.  Apparently, at some point Slater’s air was cut off and he passed out.  Now Batterham is in jail awaiting trial.

 We all have the right to protect ourselves – right? If an intruder comes into your home, you are allowed to defend your family and home from the thief. In Australia, Ben Batterham was at home when Ricky Slater, 34, entered the home uninvited – he was an intruder.

Batterham and another unnamed man grabbed Slater after he broke in.

The police were called. Slater lost consciousness at some point before the police arrived and later died at the hospital. Batterham has been charged with murder!

According to reports, Batterham attacked Slater outside his daughter’s bedroom, and the two ended up fighting in the street. At some point, Slater was put into a headlock.

Slater’s mother, Beryl Dickson, was devastated to hear of her son’s death. Apparently, Slater had been in prison for an unrelated crime and had just been released. It would seem like he hadn’t learned his lesson in prison and was willing to break the law again.

I would like your opinion on this case.  Should the father be brought up on charges or should they let him go.  Please leave a comment.  I want to see what the majority of you think.

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