• September 30, 2022

Glenn Beck Going Up In Flames – Is He Taking Ted Cruz With Him?

I never thought it was a good idea for Cruz to attach to Glenn Beck and at this point I wonder if Beck didn’t contribute to his lackluster finish in the 2016 GOP primary. Beck has been having his own problems as well. He’s lost market share across the country as people have stopped listening to his syndicated radio program, and his media company, Mercury One, is in financial trouble. Last week, he announced he had to lay off 40 employees. And on top of it, he sent a veiled message that campaigning for Cruz helped lead to his financial distress. Classy. Just as Cruz is about to lose his bid for the GOP POTUS candidacy, blame your companies downfall on campaigning with the runner-up.

The Gateway Pundit Reported: Glenn Beck admitted today he lost almost half a million dollars traveling around giving sermons with Ted Cruz.
Beck posted the video today on The Blaze website:

“I want you to know, yes I’ve lost a lot of money traveling around with Ted Cruz. I’ve lost about half a million dollars. That’s my choice. I believe in something. Did that cause 40 people to lose their job? No.”

On the Friday broadcast of his radio show, Glenn Beck revealed that he has lost $500,000 campaigning with Ted Cruz , but said that has nothing to do with the recent firing of 40 of his employees.

“We are making the hard choices,” Beck explained. “We’re choosing principles over power. We’re staying true to the Constitution.”

“There’s a story maybe you have read, that came out yesterday, that is talking about how yesterday, my company The Blaze laid off 40 people, and my media empire is crumbling, and part of it is because I’m traveling around with Ted Cruz,” he said, referencing a Daily Beast story.

“Well, I want you to know,” Beck continues. “Yes, I’ve lost a lot of money traveling around with Ted Cruz. I’ve lost about half a million dollars. That’s my choice. I believe in something.”


And to top it off, he pulls a stunt to further belittle the front runner. I’m afraid all he managed to do is to look like an idiot.

Breitbart.com: On the same day that he delivered an impassioned video “farewell address” to the 40 employees he laid off from his troubled media empire, Glenn Beck donned swim goggles and rubbed his face in a bowl of crushed Cheetos to mock GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“After seeing Donald Trump on television, we thought if you wore the swim goggles and you stuck your face in Cheetos – crushed Cheetos – that you would look just like Donald Trump in the end,” Beck explained.

He and his three radio co-hosts then proceeded to test this theory.

The former radio shock jock first floated the crushed Cheetos stunt on his show yesterdayafter he and his co-hosts joked that Trump’s tanned face looked like an “orange raccoon.”

No wonder he’s going down the tubes.

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