• May 31, 2023

Grasshoppers : The New Food Source Of The 21st Century

Are you ready for the next food source? I’m under the impression it will not happen over night, but the thought of civilizations in the past and in some third world areas still a viable food source. It can be just a matter of time before it is on the menu more so than not.

According to BBC.com:

Their business is called Coalo Valley Farms but it couldn’t be any further from a picture of agrarian life. The warehouse holds thousands of “micro livestock” as co-founder and chief executive Elliot Mermel calls them. That’s crickets and mealworms to you and me. This is California’s first insect farm for human consumption and its owners have grand plans. “We know that insects are a sustainable source of protein – and while the world already struggles to feed seven billion, we want to try and help find a way to feed the future generations,” says Elliot.

They’re delicious, he adds, crunching on a tick from the mesquite tree. “They’re high in protein, they’re tasty and there’s a huge variety.” That being said, this is the ground floor of substance, and in a modern society that we live in now, it takes us down as a society than up. It is like the low tide of civilization eating bugs. What’s next, dogs,?cats? No this is something that will be consumed if I’m down to the absolute, nothing left to eat, sort of like McDonald’s. What do you think?


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