• September 24, 2023

[VIDEO] Shoplifter Fills Her Hijab With Stolen Goods


A Muslim woman went shopping at an undisclosed store.  When she was finished, she placed some items in a bag which she planned to purchase.  That’s when she was approached by suspicious store employees, who asked her to empty her hijab.  She had nine separate items hidden there.  She had clothes, food and a large bottle of Fairy Liquid.  To make matters more ridiculous, she acted like she was the aggrieved party.

The woman is captured on camera being confronted by members of staff at the supermarket and is told to hand over the stolen goodsShe is told to unload her hijabAnd she produces an unbelievable amount of stolen goods

She unloads a huge stash of at least nine items, including what appears to be a big bottle of Fairy liquidThe thief loads some items into a bag at the counter, but she is summoned by a man and a woman who suspects she has more to pay for.Without a shred of shame, she reveals at least nine packaged item that were hidden in her headscarf including what looks like clothing and food before storming out of the store

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