• August 12, 2022

Great White Shark Smashes His Way Into Shark Cage [VIDEO]

A man inside a shark cage had some harrowing moments after the boat above him released the shark bait to bring sharks closer where they could be observed,  However, after having grabbed the bait, he went straight for the shark cage.  The shark managed to break one of the bars and it’s head was actually inside the cage but unable to reach the man.  The bait must have been enough to sate the Great White shark and he swam away.  Swimming with sharks is not on my bucket list.

 It’s a diving trip to remember for all the wrong reasons.

Terrifying footage has emerged of an overly curious great white shark that manages to break through a shark-diving cage.

The clip, which was filmed on Guadalupe Island, off the western coast of Mexico, shows the huge animal surfacing to take some bait.

But as it heads back down it rams into a shark cage, causing one of the bars to break.

The sharks head enters into the cage for a few heart-stopping moments.

Luckily however it decides against sticking around and heads back towards the deep.

It was probably full after its meal of bait.

The Guadalupe Island is a notorious spot for great white sharks and attracts tourists all year round.

However this is not the first time a great white has managed to enter a diver’s cage.

In 2016 a diver escaped unscathed after being trapped in a cage underwater with a great white shark.

H/T The Mail Online

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