Guess how HUGE Trump victory is making America dating great again



Who says you can’t be a President Trump supporter, make America great again and make your dating life great too? Yes you can and the Trump Singles dating website is going gang busters in seeing membership spike which means your chances of finding your like-minded dating hookup find totally HUGE!! According to Fox News, Trump Singles has signed up nearly 24,000 members since its official launch last June, and is now tearing up the dating match-making world in escalating numbers.

Well, legendary NFL Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi once proclaimed that “Winning is not everything it is the only thing.”  It turns out that When the new president locked down the November 8 presidential election win, the shockwaves erupted all through the dating world as well.  The love matching dating site founder David Goss stated, that there was a sizable wave of new members who signed up after Trump’s historic win.

The republican match-making website creator stressed, “We have had an even bigger response now, in the last few days,” Goss added, “We have had five to six thousand in the last two-and-a-half days,” reported Fox News.

That is definitely good news for those dating singles that want to land a hookup with like-minded Trump supporters. Goss emphasized that a huge number of people have headed to the website in greater numbers than when it first launched in 2016.  Looks like Hillary and all of her whining liberal supporters failed to see how a Trump win is good for the economy, healthcare, the constitution and Cupid’s arrow.

As divisive as the presidential political warfare was in 2016, singles in search of a love connection still wanted a major love hookup that did not go sour when political dating chitchat escalated into hurled insults and calling for the check.  Love should not be a one-way street to failed dating opportunities that result in a miserable evening sitting in front of a TV.   Making dating great again is what daters are finding out in droves.

So, stop settling to date the one who is almost right and check out the Trump Singles website that promises to Make Dating Great Again and be a huge dating success with mutual kindred spirits to date. Get over those blue state and city blues and see if Trump Singles can make you a winner.

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