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Guess Who Suffered the Biggest Losses During the Women’s March…You’ll Love This

The vaunted Women’s march had no effect on Donald Trump, but one company is reporting steep drops in business beginning just before the march and didn’t recover until hours after the march ended.



First, remember one of the goals of the march was to object to sexualization of women and lewd behavior of Donald Trump.  PornHub announced that during the march viewers who are male dropped by 4.3%.  But women client viewing dropped by 8.2%.  And the numbers are even larger when you count by cities.

And in Los Angeles it was much worse:

In New York:

I would love to know if the missing women patronize PornHub for the men or for the women.  Were a large number of marchers lesbians?  Were the PornHub missing customers who were lesbians and viewed the march as a huge pick up opportunity?  We’ll never know, but we do know that a large number of feminists are lesbians or bisexuals.

New York City also experienced a hefty drop in traffic. By noon there was a 12% drop, and by 8 pm that number grew even more, to 19%.

Pornhub observed an interesting point about New York’s porn habits that day:

At 11pm, which is normally the highest traffic time for Pornhub, visits from women were still down by 9%.

Finally, in Washington, D.C., the heart of the protest, the biggest drop in traffic came around 2pm, when the website saw a 19% decrease.

Strangely enough, by 10pm women apparently came running back to Pornhub, because the site’s traffic was 3% higher than average.

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