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Violent Liberal Attacks Conservative Woman on Campus [VIDEO]

Liberal men love picking on conservative women because if they picked on a conservative man they would get their ass kicked.  And if the woman they pick on is Kellyanne Conway, she might kick their ass so hard that taking a crap would require them to take off their shirt first.


A member of a liberal student group at West Virginia University got violent with members of a conservative group on campus — and a video of the altercation is quickly gaining attention.

The video contains two clips: The first shows members of the conservative Turning Point USA chapter being told to leave a meeting of the college’s Left Alliance on Wednesday. A Turning Point member replies, “That’s real inclusive. We just wanted to learn more about your organization, but if you’re gonna force us to leave” A bearded member of the Left Alliance wearing a baseball cap then says, “Yeah, you guys should go.”

But the second clip shows that same bearded student from the Left Alliance lunging toward a female conservative student outside the meeting, getting in her face and loudly asking: “Why did you film our f***ing meeting?”

She told him she was recording him because he was attacking her.


“F*** you, you f***ing conservative,” he says before trying to take the student’s cellphone: “Give me your f***ing phone. … Do not f***ing film us.”

She was not in the meeting room at the time of this altercation.

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