• June 17, 2024

‘Gun Laws of America’ Proves Common Sense Gun Laws Already Exist

Gun Laws of America sets out in print all the federal gun laws and explains them in clear plain English.

It takes all the guesswork out of federal gun law, explaining clearly how the whole thing works. Covers the hard-to-find “proper authorities” laws, the Militia, the National Guard, citizens, dealers, importers, collectors, global disarmament, explosives, laws that can take your rights away and the laws to restore them too — great laws, bad laws, 70 pages of juicy intro material, the Lost National Right to Carry…

Gun Laws Of America: http://goo.gl/pSXuSg

Without a doubt “Gun Laws of America” ( goo.gl/pSXuSg ) is the fundamental firearm reference book. Don’t be fooled by the partial set that BATFE issues. They leave out the parts that control them, and only provide some of the parts that affect you

While the anti-gun forces are screaming for more “common-sense” gun laws, they don’t even know about all the gun-control laws they already have.

The real crime is that even the pro-gun-rights people can’t tell them—and that would help stop the push to add to the glut of gun laws already on the books.

“You can’t name a crime that isn’t already illegal,” says author Alan Korwin, who compiled Gun Laws of America with attorney Michael Anthony, and described them all in plain English. “If you stopped to read these—and it’s easy with the plain English descriptions we include—you would understand how robust our gun laws truly are.”

“Bloomberg and his mom minions are lying to you. This book proves it.”

America’s gun laws are the best in the world, Korwin says, because they protect your right to keep and bear everything from simple pocket guns to full autos, and a full stockpile of ammunition. The laws are also extremely tough on the criminal element.

“What is missing is not law, it is law enforcement,” Korwin notes. “But with slouches and  law breakers like we have in the Justice Department, that’s the real problem.”

Just reading Gun Laws of America is an eye opener, and changes the debate. Every federal statute is faithfully reproduced, but the clear descriptions make it so easy to follow. When it comes time to debate the people who would disarm us, you can hit them with the facts, and wipe them out.

“Criminals can’t even touch guns, that’s five years in the slammer, it’s right there in black and white. We don’t need more laws for that. We need authorities to start doing their jobs.”

Gun Laws of America is the kind of book that could turn things around if more people knew about it, because knowledge is power.

“If you knew all your rights you might demand them,” Korwin says. With knowledge at your fingertips, you can really make a difference.”

“Every Federal Gun Law on the Books, with Plain-English Summaries”
by Alan Korwin with Attorney Michael P. Anthony
Available in Paper Back from Amazon: http://goo.gl/pSXuSg
Available on Kindle! : http://goo.gl/IhSXUk
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