• September 22, 2023

Guy is Suspicious of Girlfriend’s Business Trip..Then He Spots This

In modern times, business trips have become less frequent due to various other methods including virtual board meetings.  But sometimes they are still necessary and sometimes they are excuses.  One guy was suspicious about his girlfriend’s “business trip”.  It didn’t remain a suspicion long.

 Technology can make a relationship great because you can stay in touch with your significant other no matter where you are. Technology can also completely obliterate your relationship if you’re guilty as sin and not that smart, as you’re about to see.

A guy got a sexy text (or a sext, as the kids say these days) from his girlfriend, away on business in Atlanta. Luckily, this guy was already crazily suspicious, and when he got his smidgen of proof, he immediately sprung into Maury Povich-like action.



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