• November 29, 2023

When Haircuts Go Horribly Wrong [PHOTOS]

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as getting a new haircut. Depending on the length, you can feel the wind a lot more, and you just feel like you were meant to have shorter length hair. Of course, not all hairdressers/barbers are quite as skilled, and sometimes, they tend to produce some truly horrifying results. To all of the people that appear on this list: we’re sorry that you’ve had to go through this.

Here are 17 haircuts that went horribly wrong.

1. A perfect way to cover the bald spot

2. Ombre done “right”

3. His bangs are interrupted

4. You can see the tears in his eyes

5. Mustache: you’re doing it wrong!

6. What even?

7. Spikey

8. Bangs to die for

9. I bet he gets all the girls

10. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

11. Looks an awful lot like a poodle, this one

12. That’s pretty bad

13. Proof that unicorns exist!

14. Poor girl

15. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting… the iBoy!

16. “I said Anna Wintour, not He-Man!”

H/T iLyke

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