• June 19, 2024

Guy Posts Engagement Pics On Facebook Proving People Don’t Pay Attention [PHOTOS]

Let’s face it, many of us scroll through Facebook throwing likes around like crazy. That thumbs up button is just so addictive, we don’t really even pay attention to what we’re liking. And this guy just proved it.

Zach decided to troll all of his Facebook friends by posting a series of engagement photos. The first picture features Zach and his fiance showing off their ring with the caption “We finally made it official!!!”. The pic collected 586 likes but that wasn’t enough for Zach. He decided to post another engagement pic, this time with another woman. The caption read: “Wow! I couldn’t believe the overwhelming support I received online for getting engaged! So many of you liked my post that I went ahead and got engaged a second time! Thank you everyone for all your encouragement!”. This photo collected 461 likes. Then Zach posted another, and another, and another. All the pics continued to collect likes (last ones collected the least), proving people on Facebook really don’t pay attention to what they’re liking (or they just see how funny this guy is). Check out the whole series of engagement pics below!

This guy decided to troll all of his Facebook friends in an unusual way

He posted 5 engagement pics featuring 5 different “fiances”

And each picture collected likes (with the last ones collecting the least)

Proving people on Facebook really don’t pay attention to what they’re liking (or they just realize how funny this guy is)

Either way, this series of pics proves we should be more attentive to what we like on Facebook!


A lot of people going around clicking the Like button on their friends’ posts just to be included in a group, don’t want to be the odd one out.  This is how cliquish social media has become, especially Facebook.

H/T Bored Panda

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