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Hackers now going after GOV websites as they call for Justice of slain Officers

Gov’t websites defaced in protest of SAF carnage

Posted at 01/31/2015 6:07 PM | Updated as of 01/31/2015 6:09 PM

Hackers ask: Nasaan ang Pangulo?

MANILA — Several groups of hackers on Saturday defaced various government websites as they call for justice for the death of the 44 commandos of the Philippine National Police – Special Action Force (PNP-SAF).

Among the groups claiming responsibility for the defacing of the websites were Blood Security Hackers International, Elite Cyber Army, Digital Nodes, Basureros, Philippines Hacking University, Magdalo Cyber Army, Anonymous Philippines, and b4ckd00r.

The following website were defaced:

The website of journalist Allan Robles (www.hotmanila.ph) was also defaced.

The hackers expressed their sympathies for the family of the fallen soldiers.

They also left a message for President Benigno Aquino III, asking him why the commander-in-chief was not present when the remains of the SAF commandos arrived at the Villamor Air Base on Thursday.

“Brave men have died fighting for your reign, and now that they need “just recognition for their deeds”, you were not there to honor them,” the group said.

The same message was posted in other websites hacked by several groups.

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