• May 25, 2022

Hampshire College Flag-Gate?

Finally, after flying the flag at half mast after Election Day and burning the flag on Veteran’s Day and then refusing to fly any flag, the Hampshire College, in Massachusetts, is once again flying the U.S. flag at full mast.

After Veterans protested the removal of the U.S. flag last week, it is flying again today. flag-6

flag-4The college’s president Jonathan Lash stated:

We understand that many who hold the flag as a powerful symbol of national ideals and their highest aspirations for the country — including members of our own community — felt hurt by our decisions, and that we deeply regret.” He added, “We did not lower the flag to make a political statement. … We acted solely to facilitate much-needed dialogue on our campus about how to dismantle the bigotry that is prevalent in our society.”

So, the college’s president made a comment. We had an election, we did not have a day to begin flag discussions. What the college nearly started was ‘flag-gate’.

This whole matter upset many older Veterans and hurt the pride they have for the U.S. flag. Did the whole episode prove anything that will helpful? Will students care about Veterans any more or any less? I doubt if they will even care about what the flag meant by spring break. flag-3

My opinion will remain that a school flying the U.S. flag in America has nothing to do with an Election Day or Veteran’s Day. If students are opposed to the flag flying on their school in this country, maybe they should go get educated in another country.


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