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HELL FREEZES OVER: Did Trump Just Change His Hairstyle?

If this is a new habit for Donald Trump, the prayers of many have been answered!


President-Elect Donald Trump has been known for his signature hairstyle for decades. People are accustomed to it, they mock it, while some love it.


Of course, Trump’s hair is the brunt of more than a few jokes.screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-10-46-53-am

Trump’s historic election is bringing well-needed change to America. Is it also bringing unexpected changes to Trump’s hairstyle as well?

When Donald J. Trump reposted a photo from the Instagram account of his son, Donald Trump, Jr., the internet went wild. People had to look twice to make sure that they were looking at the same Donald Trump that they voted for. Many could not believe their eyes!

Rather than displaying his signature haircut that swoops over his forehead, the image shows Donald Trump’s hair slicked back with a comb. The photos says, “[email protected]” and he people are saying that he looks remarkably different.

Take a look:

The photo is getting a ton of attention on Instagram, with people commenting and tagging their friends in an effort to share the new look. Some believe that this look is far more “Presidential.”

Here’s what people have to say about the image:

hunter0017j: “Trump looks rough in this pic.”

perrigokurekkootte: “Please cut your hair Donald.”

silentinsurcurities: “Love the hair!”

poochsmooches: “Love your new hair style! I say we call it ‘Presidential’.”

top_rubbish: “Mr. President your hair looks really good combed back! Like Eric’s! Hot!”

dankest_fish_baby_edition: “Trump’s hair remastered.”

realjunegambrell: “Cool hair, Trump! Love both of you, you both look soooo cute. Such a tough person on T.V., though you got a really soft side too and we’re lovin’ both.”

mrbubble47: “Your hair looks better like this!”

donna.weis: “I like his hair like that!!!!”

viva_america_0842: “Wait, did the Don change his hair style?”

janetmccann: “Love your hair combed back!”

skibunny60: “Yes like hair combed back too!”

allison_mayer15: “Bro his hair.”

kalin.m: “I’m only 14 but Trump forever @donaldjtrumpjr I like his hair slicked back!!”

suestonebraker: “Like your new hair do. Such a handsome President. You go DT.”

What do you think? Will we see more of this hairstyle in the weeks to come?


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