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Here Is How The Democrats Are Already Stealing the 2022 Elections…

Conservatives across the country are busy right now as we try to tighten up our elections to ensure that they are secure, but those on the left do not want that.

As the audits continue to heat up which hopefully, will help to secure election integrity in the future, Democrats are already working on how to steal them still.

Republicans are working against the clock to pass as Georgia did election laws to ensure each vote is legitimate and counted.


However, the battle waging at this time goes much deeper than just election integrity. In fact, it’s about making sure the power remains in the hands of The People.

If you remember and I am sure you do, back in 2020 RINO Mitch McConnell essentially giving the federal government to the left by not investigating claims of election fraud. Then on top of it by him not even bothering to investigate it left the fraud to go unpunished allowing them to find new ways to do it.

It’s a hundred days into Biden’s term, and Democrats are getting ready to make sure Conservatives never get their hands on power ever again.

Thankfully, fighters like Ted Cruz are rallying the troops about “Stop the Steal: Federal Government Edition.”

Now we understand why Democrats have their panties in a bunch about getting rid of the filibuster. If you’ve been anywhere a blue-haired liberal has been, you know they’ve been howling about getting rid of the filibuster.

Liberals try to make it seem like ending the filibuster is all about taking care of people, ending racism, or curing cancer.

But this Tweet shows you precisely why ending the fillibuster is so important to Democrats.


Fox News breaks down the bill’s details that Chuck Schumer has already got in the works for the summer. If it passes, Democrats get to make the rules for the next election.

Do you think they’ll make it fair?

Republicans are launching a full-court press against the congressional Democrats’ wide-ranging election and campaign finance reform bill.

In a memo and video released on Monday, NRSC chair Sen. Rick Scott spotlighted a new poll commissioned by the committee to target the measure.

“The bill’s disguised as election reform, but it’s really just a dishonest Democrat power grab. You also have to know if you oppose the Democrat power grab, Democrats will call you a racist. The good news is this, the American people don’t buy that, and they’re on our side,” Scott argued.

Finally, even RINOs realize that they have been playing ten steps behind and that Democrats are about to eat their lunch.

Congressional Republicans have been railing against the legislation for weeks. And GOP leaders outside of Washington are also taking aim.

Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa warned that “state election law would be wiped away” if the Democrats’ bill becomes law. And Mike Pompeo, secretary of state during the Trump administration and a potential 2024 GOP presidential hopeful, charged in Iowa on Friday that the measure is a “raw power grab.”

Think about the audits in Arizona and Georgia. News keeps coming out about the many holes in security that took place to get the election to swing Joe Biden’s way.

Here is more from We Love Trump:

If the federal election reform bill passes after they remove the filibuster, all those security breaches will become permanent.

If passed into law, the bill would also enhance federal support for voting system security, increase oversight of election system vendors, upgrade online political ad disclosure and require all organizations involved in political activity to disclose their large donors, create a multiple matching system for small-dollar donations, which would be paid for by a new surcharge on “corporate law breakers and wealthy tax cheats,” tighten rules on super PACs, and beef up the enforcement powers of the Federal Election Commission.

Notice how the bill would give democrats oversight over the very things that screwed up our last election.

It’s becoming clear that Democrats are putting into motion something that establishment Republicans are way behind the curve on.

As usual, it’s going to be conservative voters who will have to bail these politicians out in 2022. Once that happens, we’re going to have to have a serious talk about who should be in charge of the Republican Party.


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