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Here’s 10 Sex Lessons You Won’t Even Find In Fifty Shades Of Grey!!

In this world where sex education is never a priority, we often rely on movies, books and the internet for our A-Z of sex. And then come movies like ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ teaching us about a new, somewhat unexplored world of sex. However, even then, there are some crucial sex lessons that go unsaid. Here are 10 of them that you should definitely know about before you get down and dirty!


#1 Safety is a two-way road

Nothing and, we repeat, NOTHING is more important than safety. However, the guy shouldn’t always be the one worrying about it. Make sure you have a few condoms handy if you have sex on your mind.

#2 New things take time

You might want to try new things in bed and there is nothing wrong with it. Especially with movies like Fifty Shades of Grey to serve as our inspiration, curiosity is bound to be at its peak. However, don’t think you’ll conquer whatever new element you’re trying in bed – be it spanking, tying each other up or a new position – in one go. Understanding new things and actually being good at them takes a while and that’s completely fine!  There’s a lot to be said about the fun of learning to master that craft.  😉

#3 Vanilla sex can be fun too

We know Fifty Shades of Grey shows you a new and interesting side to being kinky inside the bedroom but we’re saying what everyone else isn’t – vanilla sex is as much fun as kinky sex. It has it’s perks and we can’t deny that it’s easy and convenient and still gives you great results. So if you don’t think you’re the kinky kind, no pressure, just plain old sex will be great too!

#4 Talk about what you want

Bedroom communication is super important. Your partner cannot read your mind and he will not know whether you like or dislike something unless you tell him. Don’t worry about sounding too straightforward, it will only be a positive step in your relationship where the two of you can discuss sex without it being awkward!  Sometimes you just want to bring your animal out and go for it, but some partners might not enjoy the liberty being taken and would rather have a discussion first.  Every guy who’s wanted to try anal sex understands this.  Nuff said.

#5 Sex can get messy

Scattered clothes, messed up bed sheets are all a part of having sex… Of course, when you’re the one who has to clean it up, it can be a task. No naughty movie will ever show you the struggle of making a bed 4 times in a day. Good thing you have another partner-in-crime, though, who can lend a hand!

#6 Always ease into it

There is nothing wrong with not jumping into bed with the next guy you meet. Though it might seem like the ongoing trend around you, if it isn’t what you want then you don’t have to do it. Take it easy and slow, as long as it’s the way you want it.

#7 Dirty talk can backfire

Hey, not all of us can be as good as Christian Grey, right? Sometimes we just don’t know how to go about dirty talk and sometimes our, ‘Baby, my alter ego has a plan or two’ might just get a ‘What do you mean?’ reply. It happens. Dirty talking is a skill gained only with time. But until then, keep working on it.

#8 Shower sex is…not easy.

It looks nice in the movies, right? Water all around you, wet bodies making it seem hot and sensual… Well, let us break it down for you – shower sex is tough. It’s uncomfortable, you can’t see properly because of all the water pouring over you and, unless your partner has some mad athletic skills, he can’t really manage you half leaning on the wall and half on top of him. You can and should give it a shot if you like but keep your expectations super low!

And then there are problems with pool and/or ocean sex.  The water tends to… um… change the viscosity of certain fluids that make the act more… fluid.  Nuff said.

#9 Awkward moments happen!

Queefing, not being able to get it right the first time, hair entering your mouth – all these awkward moments happen with everybody. So if you’ve been thinking why Christian Grey never had a bad sex moment, don’t! He has them too, they just don’t show it on screen!

#10 Not having an orgasm is not a big deal

Of course, we don’t mean you should never have an orgasm and be okay with it. But, just because you don’t have an orgasm a couple of times, you shouldn’t worry about your relationship. And you should definitely not resort to faking it! If you really feel that your partner can do something else to help you achieve an orgasm then refer to point 4 and talk to him!


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