• October 27, 2021

Here’s How They Are Trying To Cut Off The Food Supply and Starve You!

Our nation is in crisis and it is just getting worse with each and every passing day. Last year, when COVID came to our shore, the American people were panicked after listening to the mainstream media heads pontificate how badly this virus was.

There was chaos in the stores as everyone was stocking up on toilet paper and food to the point that the shelves were bare within days.

Now, as the virus has dragged on due to the efforts of the media and the leftist government with their fear-mongering tactics we are seeing pushback from the American people which is good, but that means those that want totally power are upping the ante.

It seems like they constantly invent new ways to harm and poison humanity.

The latest?

The all-out attack on our food supply and supply chain.

That’s right folks, they are doing everything they can to create a food crisis.

Just watch it here on Rumble, it’s a short video:

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