• October 27, 2021

These Patriotic Fans Rose To Their Feet And Told Biden EXACTLY How They Felt! [VIDEO]

I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest college or professional sports fan. I totally love watching baseball, football, volleyball, and so forth but after Colin Kaepernick and the “woke” agenda that infiltrated it, I took a step back. It was deeply hurtful to see so many players spitting in the face of our nation’s heroes and their sacrifice by kneeling for the National Anthem and saying that our country was racist.

Seriously, these professional teams are making more money than most of us would see in a lifetime and they want to say they are being constrained by racism!

At any rate, I did come back to watch when President Trump would come to a game and was able to witness the immense support he was receiving from the fans in the stands. However, that trend has continued for Joe Biden but not in the same way at all.

Over the last three weekends, “F*** Joe Biden” chants have been spreading across football stadiums.

It hasn’t been one sports team.

Or one state.

Rather, this has happened in multiple states.

In the beginning, it was just maybe a hundred or so chanting but that number has grown exponentially.

Footage from the University of Kentucky appears to show the entire stadium chanting.

To put this into perspective, the University of Kentucky stadium seats 61,000 fans.


Watch the video below.

It’s clear that this is a stadium-wide chant.


Oh, but it isn’t just football games too.

There doesn’t seem to be a Biden fan in sight!

It seems odd that for a man that won 81 million votes that there doesn’t seem to be any of them out and about, right?

The Daily Caller is one of the few media outlets reporting on this grassroots phenomenon:

College football fans continued anti-Joe Biden chants during week three of the season.

President Joe Biden has faced the scorn of college football fans ever since the season started, and during multiple Saturday games, “F**k Joe Biden” chants continued to ring out among fans.

As Donald Trump Jr. and I talked about, I don’t think you’re going to see an end to these chants at any point in the near future.

We’re now in week three, and they show absolutely no sign of slowing down.

If anything, they look like they’re increasing. The Kentucky chant in the video above sounded incredibly loud.

When “F**k Joe Biden” is being yelled during major SEC games, you know fans have zero intention of stopping. They’re all in.

Just listen to how loud these chants are getting!




I am sure none of this is surprising to you at all, but you know it is surprising the mainstream media for sure.

If this was Trump you know it would be plastered all over the news in an effort to mock him but since it is Biden they are covering it up.

That is why we need to make sure these sorts of stories get out for more people to see!

We aren’t few at all but many and we can change the course of our nation if we band together.





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