• April 15, 2024

Here’s The Latest On The House Speaker Search/Battle, And Obama Isn’t Gonna Like It

Well, well, well. Isn’t that special? Establishment Republicans are scramblin’ to hold on to their power structure as conservatives and the Freedom Caucus chip away at the false conservative facade. Since Boehner jumped ship and McCarthy ran for the hills establishments in power have been courting/begging Paul Ryan to take the job, and the Freedom caucus has made itself quite clear. They don’t like him either. So then, who?

Let’s first address Paul Ryan. FOX News is reporting Ryan isn’t feeling the love from enough people to gain the support of the wider party. WATCH THE VIDEO: Kurtz notes that David Brooks outlines his feelings regarding the current surge of conservative voice is a “radical” stance and things like the passage of Obamacare is just a “setback” and looks at the differences within the party as “divisive.” Perhaps this promotion of establishment views by “so-called” conservatives has been the long standing problem in the culture as it relates to defining true and pure conservative values. Also notice the how Howard Kurtz labels the establishment wing as “conservative.”

Paul Ryan is no closer to becoming House speaker. In fact, no one is any closer to becoming House speaker. And the press has now declared this an existential crisis.

It’s not just a messy leadership fight. It’s a struggle for the soul of the Republican Party.

After two Beltway bombshells—John Boehner abruptly stepping down, and Kevin McCarthy even more abruptly bowing out of the race to succeed him—the GOP is being described as a party in chaos. And it’s certainly true that the House majority, torn between its mainstream and hard-line factions, seems paralyzed right now.

Few seem as upset as David Brooks. The New York Times columnist is a moderate conservative, an erudite author, consistently civil, an unmistakable member of the GOP establishment. President Obama has granted occasional audiences. He’s the kind of conservative who believes in getting things done.

And so the alarming tone of Brooks’ column the other day, in which he declared the House caucus “close to ungovernable,” is like a primal scream from a guy who usually speaks softly.

The old, cautious conservatism that respected institutions “has been overturned in dangerous parts of the Republican Party,” says Brooks. “Over the past 30 years, or at least since Rush Limbaugh came on the scene, the Republican rhetorical tone has grown ever more bombastic, hyperbolic and imbalanced. Public figures are prisoners of their own prose styles, and Republicans from Newt Gingrich through Ben Carson have become addicted to a crisis mentality. Civilization was always on the brink of collapse. Every setback, like the passage of Obamacare, became the ruination of the republic. Comparisons to Nazi Germany became a staple.

But fear not. The Freedom Caucus stands firm in their pursuit of a conservative leader and it appears the calvary is on the horizon, or maybe I should say, the Marines are on the way.

Conservative Tribune broke the story about Rep. Ryan Zinke. This former Navy SEAL Team Six commander is considering a run at the Speaker position. I would go out on a limb and say that the POTUS would love to get a Boehner clone in congress and NOT want a former Navy SEAL in the big chair, wouldn’t you?

This Tuesday, Rep. Ryan Zinke, a former Navy SEAL Team Six commander, confirmed with Brandon Tyler Webb, founder of the SofRep special operations news site, that he is considering running for House speaker so as to take a stand “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” including President Barack Hussein Obama.

“I think there are a few people who can do that,” the Montana Republican told Webb. “If folks like Paul Ryan and others step aside, and more of my colleagues ask me to run, I will hear the call to serve. Leadership is about service to country, not self. It’s time to advance the cause of freedom.”

According to Webb, who served under Zinke during his last tour in the Navy, the congressman is “no stranger to good leadership.”

“I would love to see him go against the grain and shake things up as the new speaker,” Webb wrote. “He’s a freshman but knows how to lead.”

And a strong leader is exactly what we need right now, especially given the host of problems that plague us — from nonstop illegal immigration to out-of-control entitlement spending and constant attempts to impinge upon the Second Amendment-protected rights of all Americans.

Webb added that we need someone capable of offering “real solutions, not the bull**** political rhetoric we’ve all become accustomed to.”

“Zinke is a proven leader, and in Washington politics it’s time to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way,” Webb concluded. “Go get’em Z.”

Zinke certainly sounds a whole lot tougher than a weeping John Boehner, who unfortunately has spent his entire term as House Speaker capitulating to the president’s every demand.

As Webb said, we need a real leader, and we need one immediately. Maybe Zinke is that leader.

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