• March 1, 2024

[VIDEO] Solid Proof That Obama Is Training ISIS—-This Needs To Go Viral

Take a look at the tents that these ISIS terrorists have in their compound. What do you see? Yeah, the tents are UNITED STATES tents supplied by none other than our Muslim-In-Chief, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! Only a completely brain-dead idiot would want some D-Bag with that name in charge of AMERICA! Unbelievable…

Here is Obama ADMITTING we are training ISIL or as we like to refer to them as FRICKING ISIS MUSLIM TERRORISTS!

This asshat needs to seriously get out of office and the sooner the better. He has done nothing to help America, only destroy and it is the time we show his idiot to the door. He is is a communist and as Anti-American as he can get and is an imposter! 2016 cannot get here soon enough!


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