• October 4, 2023

Here’s The Stark Contrast You Will NEVER See In the M-S-M Between Radical Islam And A Christian Nation!

Are you tired, YET, of the social engineering by the government and the main-stream-media regarding the world of radical Islam and the Christian nation of America? All this while we watch POTUS sell us up the river as we are attacked on American soil? You must read this….

The Federalist Papers: Russ Hepler reports a Muslim ACLU official refuses to condemn terrorism:

They seem unlikely allies – radical, atheist leftists and radical Islamic terrorists – yet they apparently are.

Even though their world views should be diametrically opposed, these two radical groups have, in their minds, much greater, mutual enemies – American culture and its large population of Christians.

This has been displayed lately with the statements of one ACLU official who also is a Muslim.


Breitbart explains:

Rana Elmir, an American Muslim and deputy director of the ACLU of Michigan, says that she “emphatically” refuses to condemn jihadist terrorists “just because I’m Muslim.”

In her provocative article in Monday’s Washington Post, Elmir claims that she is often asked to condemn Islamic terrorism, to which she replies: “I emphatically refuse.”

She then goes on to compare the systematic slaughters wrought under the name of Islamic terrorism with “the terror advanced by mostly white men at the alarming rate of one mass killing every two weeks in this country.”

Elmir draws a parallel between the Islamic State and “Dylann Storm Roof’s attack on parishioners of a historic black church in South Carolina, Robert Dear’s attack on a Planned Parenthood facility, the murder of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” and “the slaughter of moviegoers in Colorado or Louisiana.”

“I will not be bullied into condemning terror perpetrated by psychopaths who misrepresent and distort Islam for their deranged purposes,” she wrote.

“Muslims across the globe are not threats. They are threatened,” she wrote.

This is a typical strategy of the hard left in its propaganda efforts in America.

straw man argument

First, create a false “straw man” – the equivocation of random violence acts of deranged people in America with the wholesale slaughter of thousands in the Middle East and North Africa by the radical Islamic terrorists group – ISIS.

Second, then create a “victim class” – “innocent” Muslims – that doesn’t exist.

Finally, show some moral equivalency between the “innocent” Muslims and the brutal actions of ISIS.

aclu muslim

Breitbart has more:

As an example of the terror experienced by Muslims, Elmir recounts how “an American Muslim woman who wears hijab spoke to me of a paralyzing fear she feels every time she leaves the house.” Not exactly having your throat slit, but one can see her point. Sort of.

Elmir argues that Muslims “contribute to our own oppression by erroneously believing that if we just apologize, then the anti-Muslim rhetoric will end.”

“Condemnation,” she says, “becomes our admission of guilt.”

For all their faults, one cannot help but wonder what the response of Christian leaders would be if a renegade sect claiming to be Christian began carrying out atrocities in the name of Jesus. If a so-called Christian “Caliphate” were to arise, gobbling up territory, demolishing historic monuments, executing non-Christians, raping non-Christian women, and slitting the throats of “apostates” while citing Gospel texts, would Christians be silent, afraid to denounce such actions carried out in the name of the Prince of Peace?

Once again, she utters a false argument.

First, if the American Muslim community would come out strongly to condemn these brutal terrorist acts and work diligently with law enforcement to identify and arrest the would-be, radical Islamic terrorists in America, all U.S. citizens would be applauding the courage and national loyalty of American Muslims.

But, since neither of those things has happened, of course suspicions will continue.

Second, attempting to equate the brutal, violent history of Islam with that of Christianity is too weak an argument to spend time debunking again.  We reported here recently about the truth of Islam’s violent past.

islamic jihad

And of course, whenever a so-called “christian” cult group has made noise about violence and revolt, the Christian Church has loudly and resoundingly denounced and rebuked such heretics.

People need to understand what the real motivation of Ms. Elmir is here.  She is employing standard, left-wing ACLU tactics and is attempting to apply them to advance her Islamic agenda.

islamic terrorism

Most Americans can’t stand the ACLU for a number of reasons.  Using their tactics to promote her dubious cause here is not a way for public acceptance and support.

But, if the ACLU believes it can use American Muslims to further its secular goals of destroying U.S. culture and morality, it will welcome Islam as an ally in its war on America.

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