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Here’s Why You Gotta Be Nuts To Become a Rodeo Clown [VIDEO]

Watch this rodeo clown taunt a fifteen hundred pound bull!


You gotta be a few beers shy of a six pack to get into an arena with a bull that size. But the beauty of it is, when you watch these guys, they are the consummate professionals.

A rodeo clown performs a delicate balancing act where he makes the audience laugh, but his real job is to keep the bull riders alive. Just at that point where the rider is vulnerable to be trampled on and the bull is angry enough to kill him in jumps the rodeo clown to draw the bull away from the rider and toward him.

You gotta have real cajones to remain cool enough to it pull off. Or just be plain nuts.  Either way, this guy is a pro.



Here’s a bunch of people who every year go running with the bulls, something they are not being paid to do. They actually volunteer to do this. It’s hilarious to see the sheer horror across each victim’s face while under attack from the bull only to watch them shrug it off once the second they’re out of harm’s way as if to say, ‘Yeah, I wasn’t scared at all.’



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