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Hershey Park to Allow Men in Women’s Bathrooms


Milton Hershey must be rolling over in his grave.  He built an amusement park for the entertainment of entire families.  Today, Hershey Park is determined to make the amusement park a source of entertainment of pedophiles and sexual deviants.  Lost in the argument of which bathroom transgenders should use is the obvious problem of men using that policy to feed their sexual desires.  That’s not about transgenders because generally transgenders are attracted to people of the same sex.  It’s the sexual predators who are the problem.

It seems like everyday, we hear of a new encroachment against women and children occurring in bathrooms all across the country.  One man at a Sears store took pictures of women in the bathroom stalls for two hours after gaining entrance, claiming to be transgender and even wearing women’s clothes.  Many men now enter women’s bathrooms all across the country, claiming to be transgender even though they are wearing men’s clothing.  Would a true transgender person do that?  I think not.  So when liberals claim that people against that policy are transphobic, it a ruse.

Now, we have a large amusement park where thousands of children visit everyday opening up their bathrooms, not only to transgenders but to sexual deviants committing horrible crimes in the name of transgenderism.  Remember, as you boycott the amusement park, be aware that the park is not owned by the candy company and hasn’t been since the 1920s.

Here is the notice from Hershey’s:

“Every year, the employees of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R) welcome over 6 million guests from down the street and around the world. We recognize that the more perspectives we have within our company, the more welcoming we are to all those who visit and seek employment here. In fact, our company has four core values, one of which is “respectful of others,” which we define as treating all people with dignity, while respecting their differences and ideas.

For decades, Hershey Park has been dedicated to the safety and security of our guest and employees. It is foundational to our brand. Additionally, the Park has and will always strive to accommodate all guests and employees – including members of the LGBT community – to ensure those visiting or working at Hershey Park are comfortable and feel secure. To that end, the Park will continue its practice of treating all guests and employees the same no matter race, ethnicity, sexual identity, etc. Guests and employees may continue to use the restrooms with which they gender-identify, or are welcome to use the many family restrooms available across the destination.


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