HILARIOUS! Keep Your Eye On The Tall Grass, Just Wait For It…. [VIDEO]

We all know that dogs thrive on being outdoors. Just say the word ‘walk’ and some dogs bound out of their beds or off the couch and dash to the door. They jump up and down or scuttle around waiting desperately for you to put the leash on them or open the door and set them free.


As a dog owner, few things are as pleasurable as watching the pure joy on your animal’s face as they enjoy the pleasant weather and soak in all the smells of nature. And the video we have for you below is no exception.

Watch as Rosie the dog goes for a run and a skip & a hop through the tall grass. She absolutely loves getting off the leash and going buck wild. As you’ll see in this 45-second clip, this dog has a unique way of enjoying her time outdoors. Don’t forget to share this clip with a friend because it will make them smile!

Adam Buxton is the lucky owner of Rosie the dog. In the video description, he says that Rosie is half whippet and half poodle.

“She likes to bound. I ensure the field (which is in Norwich, East Anglia UK) was entirely tick-free before she started.”

Watch the video below. You’ll see the dog bound off the dirt path into the tall grass. Then as Adam films Rosie, she bounces up and down through the grass. It sure is a funny sight to behold.

Whether she is trying to see where she is going or just loves to jump who knows?

Either way, the hilarious video footage has been viewed nearly half a million times. Hundreds have shared comments about the bouncing dog. One even called her an “alien.” Below are some of the most popular comments we found. Check them out to see what other viewers said about Rosie.

Matthew Stephens wrote, “Dogs bounce in fields and that’s the end of it! I’ve met people who won’t let their dogs in fields because of ticks – seems crazy to me.”

“I firmly support the ‘keep Rosie under control’ campaign,” shared Kerri Mark Sharp.

“There are some sciency types who say animals don’t have emotions, they should watch Rosie dog and they’d soon change their tune! Thanks for sharing Dr! Lovely x,” wrote Tomaceland.

“Feeding your dog kangaroo flavour Chappie again?”

“You, are a dog. You are running and leaping in a lush field of great smelling earthy smells overwhelming you with uptake chemicals. You are in dog heaven.”

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