• May 31, 2023

Hilarious Photos With Perfect Timing


Some photos are just funny, but when they are combined with could best be described as an unfortunate sign, it’s hilarious.  Here are some pictures that took place in just the perfect place.

Another shows a man eating a sandwich at Subway while reading a book which is entitled 'Fasting'

A van branded 'The Republican: Where The News Hits Home' is photographed literally hitting a home

Whoever decided to name a boat 'No Worries' surely must have considered whether they were tempting fate 

Verizon's slogan of 'We never stop working for you' proved to be very ironic when one company went out of business 

A 'No standing at any time' sign decided that it had to follow its own rules by falling over on its side

A mysterious 'Invisible Spray' on sale really did appear to be invisible after the shop ran out stock 

Customers may have thought twice about buying fasteners from one store, after their sign came loose

A coaster telling children that 'Teeth are not for biting' clearly did not do the trick 

A product designed to stop pets from chewing also proved to not be particularly effective 

A poster for a TV psychic's show did not end up being the best advert for his skills after it was cancelled due to 'unforeseen circumstances' 

In an awkward juxtaposition, a childhood obesity poster was put up to next to an advert for McDonald's

Another funny photography shows the National Association of Telemarketers office with an 'Absolutely no soliciting sign' in the window 

One man was clearly not taking the advice of his self-help book entitled 'Never Eat Alone'

And one Reddit user posted a photograph of a sign reading: 'The tans will fade but the memories will last forever'. Unfortunately, the word 'memories' has faded as well

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