• June 17, 2024

Hillary Campaign Hides Photos Of Event With Less Than 100 In Attendance



The Clinton campaign is trying to hide all of her failed campaigning attempts. It is pretty sad when you try and pander to a specific group, and they don’t want anything to do with you. Ohio is a very important state to win, and judging by the turnout at this church, things don’t look good.

From Conservative Tribune:

A stop by Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign Sunday at a black church in Cleveland, Ohio, went barely noticed by the liberal media for one pivotal reason: Clinton made no mention of it on her Twitter account because barely anyone showed up for the event.

In fact, a picture shared on Twitter by Emily Rutherford, a supporter of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump who stopped by the church to observe the event for herself, showed under 100 people in attendance.

A lot of empty seats were even on stage that day at at Imani Temple Ministry.

Less than 100 in attendance? Wow that is pretty bad. I for one know that I am sick of her BS, maybe others are as well.

H/T: Tea Party

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