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Hillary is Planning a TV Talk Show to Set Up 2020 Run

Former liberal journalist, Ed Klein is reporting that Hillary Clinton is looking to get a talk show to set up another run for the presidency in 2020.  Wait till her ratings turn sour.  I can see it now: RUSSIANS HACK NIELSON RATINGS TO  ASSURE OPRAH VICTORY.



Oprah already owns the franchise on crying at every emotional moment on her show.  What will Hillary do?  Cough four times and pass out?

Here are some of Klein’s comments:

“She’s been talking very seriously about the idea of having her own television show.  As a TV host, she’d discuss the issues of the day from a progressive point of view, have top guests, interview world leaders and progressive thinkers.”

“It would have to be a show that she and her people completely controlled.  She’s convinced she’d get fabulous ratings in a political climate where there’s so much anger in Democratic circles over Donald Trump’s election.”

“She’s utterly determined not to fade into the background. She intends to stay in the limelight and keep fighting the good fight. She knows Obama is going to be out there fighting too. But frankly, she doesn’t think he’s a great leader or a great fighter, which leaves an opening for her to be the acknowledged leader-in-exile of her party.”

There had been talk that she was thinking of running for mayor of New York, but that doesn’t make sense.  She would not get favorable opinions from people who see how the liberal policies of Clinton and her predecessors who destroyed the city.  A talk show makes more sense because she would have total control.

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