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Restaurant Owners Beg Trump to Keep Their Illegal Aliens

Restaurant owners don’t want to lose their cheap labor and Heavens forbid be required to hire…..dare I say it?…..Americans.  Employers across the nation are now trying to set up their restaurants as sanctuary businesses.  News sources point out that businesses have no legal basis for sanctuary status.  But, hey, guess what?  Neither do counties, cities or states.  All are subject to federal law within responsibilities bestowed on the federal government in the constitution.



From The Daily Caller:

Eighty restaurants in seven states joined a group that coaches restaurateurs how to own “sanctuary restaurants.” The program is designed to assist and coach their illegal workers on how to avoid immigration officials, as well as how to conduct themselves should a raid occur.

“I have this one little place where I get to decide how people treat each other,” Russell Street Deli owner Ben Hall told the AP. “If someone has the need to insult someone … then they don’t get to participate. I’ve told them, ‘There’s another diner next door.’”

Organizers assert the movement is purely a result of Trump’s election, and the actions taken by the restaurant owners are largely symbolic. This is due in large part to the fact that a “sanctuary restaurant” isn’t a legal designation, and does absolutely nothing to keep immigration officials out of those particular restaurants.


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