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Hillary Stirs Up More Than Dust In Trump University Case

Hillary-backing New York attorney general slams Trump University as ‘straight-up fraud’ and claims billionaire offered to settle case – but Trump’s lawyer insists he’s lying.

New York AG Eric Schneiderman appeared on two morning shows to tout his fraud case against the defunct Trump University. Sits on Hillary Clinton’s NY ‘leadership council’ and has endorsed her. Claimed Trump ‘did offer to settle’ case: ‘He settles cases all the time’. But Trump’s attorney says that’s not true: ‘He made an outrageous settlement demand and we told him no way’. Legal team has told judges that Schneiderman tried to shake down Trump and his family for donations while holding the case over their heads. ‘He is a total lowlife, a sleaze­bag who … would love to be governor someday,’ Trump said last year of Schneiderman. But the New York Democrat said he’s moving forward with his case, calling the former series of real estate investment seminars ‘straight-up fraud’

New York’s Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman took a baton handoff from Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton on Thursday as he appeared on two morning talk shows to denounce Trump University as ‘straight-up fraud.’

But Trump’s lead attorney, Alan Garten, told that it’s Schneiderman who was lying to Americans with a claim that Trump’s legal team offered to settle the fraud case that the powerful elected official brought in 2013.

‘He did offer to settle. He settles cases all the time,’ Schneiderman said.

‘That’s just false,’ Garten shot back in a phone interview. ‘The reality was that he made an outrageous settlement demand and we told him no way. That’s it. If we were eager to settle, why are we litigating?’

Schneiderman, whom Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has called a ‘lowlife’ and a ‘sleazebag,’ is prosecuting the case while also serving on Clinton’s statewide ‘leadership council’ and publicly endorsing her – while he raises his own re-election funds by touting his hardball tactics against the real estate tycoon.

Trump University, a now-defunct series of real estate sales and marketing seminars Trump once promoted, is at the center of three separate legal cases including Schneiderman’s.

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Hillary Stirs Up More Than Dust In Trump University Case

A CAMPAIGN BY ANOTHER NAME: New York’s Democratic attorney general Eric Schneiderman has endorsed Hillary Clinton and sits on her statewide ‘leadership council,’ but insisted Thursday on MSNBC that his ‘fraud’ case against Trump University isn’t political

Hillary Stirs Up More Than Dust In Trump University Case

WON’T SETTLE: Donald Trump has hard harsh words for Schneiderman in the past, calling him a ‘lowlife’ and a ‘sleazebag’ who shook down his family members for contributions while holding the Trump University case over their heads

Garten was also frustrated by what he called Schneiderman’s ‘unethical’ decision to discuss the possibility of a legal settlement in any case that’s still pending.

‘To me it is shocking enough for an elected official to do press about a pending lawsuit,’ he said. ‘But to talk about settlement communications on national television, and do it inaccurately?’

‘A principle that every single lawyer in America knows is that settlement conversations are confidential,’ he said, while insisting that his side of the conversation consisted only of listaning and declining.

‘If you have any lawyer saying publicly that there was a settlement discussion – and he got it wrong, too – that’s unethical. To do it on TV is completely unacceptable. For the attorney general of New York do it is mind-boggling.’

Some former Trump University students, including thousands in a California class-action lawsuit, have complained that the courses were a ripoff.

Others, including a trio featured in a Trump campaign video, say they were happy with the seminars and were offered their money back if they weren’t satisfied – an offer about 32 per cent of Trump University students took.

Of those who completed the course and filled out written evaluations, the Trump campaign says, 98 per cent gave the seminars positive reviews.

But Thursday on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ program, Schneiderman dismissed the he-said, she-said nature of civil lawsuits, saying that ‘it’s like selling people something you say is a Mercedes and it turns out to be a Volkswagen.’

‘Even if some people say, “Well, I actually kind of like the Volkswagen,” it’s still fraud because it’s not a Mercedes.’

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