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Hillary Supporters Spray Sarah Palin With a Chemical Weapon




Sarah Palin appeared in Detroit to campaign for Donald Trump with the venue being the Town Pump Tavern.  Hillary supporters started banging on the windows, hurling insults at Palin.

The Detroit Free Press reported:

Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee in 2008, came to Detroit Sunday evening and predicted a “monster vote” for Trump in Michigan.

“If Trump wins, then America wins,” she said during an interview with Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly that was taped at the Town Pump Tavern in Detroit. “They are hot, hot, hot for Trump in Michigan.”

About a dozen supporters came to the bar for the stop, but several people walking by started pounding on the window when they noticed her. One said “I have no respect for you.” And someone sprayed some sort of substance into the bar from outside that had many in the tavern momentarily coughing.

Palin predicted a “monster vote” for Trump in Michigan.

I predict Hillary sends out an outrageous number of her hoods and thugs to try to scare Trump voters from the polls.

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