• June 26, 2022

Hillary Was Paid 225k to Tell Bankers That Terrorists Are No Threat

no threat

Actually, what she said is terrorism is no threat to the country.  But liberals consider themselves to be the government and therefore, with all of her security detail, terrorism is no threat to her.  That was in 2013 and in that same year she told another group of rich bankers that Russia is no threat to the United States.  Then she told the story about sitting with Putin who she said agreed with her.  Not really.  Putin is accepting no Muslim terrorists and has said that 15 minutes after a terror attack in Russia, there would be no more Muslims in his country.

Clinton and Obama on the other hand keep importing Muslims to do work that Americans won’t. (terror attacks)  In fact Hillary wants to bring in 6 1/2 times more Syrian refugees than Obama does.

“[M]ake no mistake, as the recent travel alert underscores, we still face terrorism.  It’s not a threat to us as a nation.  It is not going to endanger our economy or our society, but it is a real threat.  It is a danger to our citizens here at home, and as we tragically saw in Boston, and to those living, working, and traveling abroad.”

“I last saw [Putin] in Vladivostok where I represented President Obama in September for the Asia Pacific economic community.  I sat next to him.  He’s an engaging and, you know, very interesting conversationalist.  We talked about a lot of issues that were not the hot-button issues between us, you know, his view on missile defense, which we think is misplaced because, you know, we don’t believe that there will be a threat from Russia, but we think that both Russia and the United States are going to face threats from their perimeter, either from rogue states like Iran or from terrorist groups, that’s not the way he sees it.”

So you are safe as long as you don’t get Benghazied.



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