• March 31, 2023

[VIDEO] Daughter Livestreams Parents’ Heroin Binge


A girl comes home from school and her parents are totally strung out on heroin.  She decides to livestream it on Facebook and it’s truly pathetic.  Although we have no idea exactly where this was filmed, we do know it’s somewhere in America.  My guess is that this is a regular occurrence and the daughter was at the end of her rope.  She may intend to show them what they look like when they are strung out, hoping that they will change.  Don’t bet on it.  The daughter tried to bring both parents around but she wasn’t able to do it.

She poked, prodded, shined lights in their eyes but nothing seemed to work.  It was like following liberals to the voting booth during a presidential election.  I hope authorities find out who the parents are rescue this poor girl.


The daughter tries to shine a torch light in both of of their facesThe father rubs his eyes, but does not get up

The father lies sprawled out on the floor, completely unresponsive to what is going on around him

The mother's eyes rolling backThe father is also unresponsive

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