• October 26, 2021

Hillary’s Story About Helping Children is Sweet, Admirable and a Lie


On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has been telling a story about how she reached across the aisle as First Lady worked with Tom DeLay to pass an adoption and foster care reform bill back in 1997.  Liberal web site, Mother Jones decided to investigate the claim.  Probably trying to prove the story to be true.  However, they found what everyone else has known for years,  Hillary is a pathological liar.

Mother Jones first went to Tom Delay who denied he ever worked with Hillary when she was First Lady and in fact said the only real interaction he had with her was in 2003 during the screening of a movie about….get ready for this…the plight of foster kids.  So, it’s possible she lied but it’s also possible that her brain damage clouded her memories.

DeLay said:

“I never talked to her, other than us being at that television interview that both of us thought was kind of weird.  And I would remember. I have no knowledge of working with her other than that.”

Mother Jones then checked congressional records and surprise surprise, there was no mention of Hillary Clinton at all.They checked meeting records, watched endless video and questioned people who worked on the bill. When Mother Jones confronted the Hillary campaign, the campaign replied loud and clear “No Comment.”

This is very similar to what happened after it became known that Hillary told the FBI that Colin Powell was the one who told her that she should use a private email even though she had the private email up and running for a year before their email exchange.  She also claimed that he made the same suggestion during a dinner party for former Secretaries of State.  She didn’t think her questioning would ever be made public.  Powell denies it ever happened and Condilezza Rice confirmed Powell’s memory.