Hollywood Actor Blames Trump Fans For Chicago Violence

Yet another Hollywood actor joins the ranks of elitist liberals who engage in threats and insults when presented with logic, facts and reality.

Don Cheadle, an actor whose resume includes such films “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Boogie Nights” went on a Twitter rant against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Cheadle blamed Trump and his “ilk” for the violence in Chicago after Trump tweeted about the shooting death of NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin in the extremely violent Illinois city.


Cheadle responded to Trump’s Tweet that highlighted the deplorable violence in Chicago with a tirade that included threatening Trump, which Cheadle later defended as simply “hyperbole”:



According to Cheadle, it’s OK to wish death on someone as long as you claim it was hyperbole afterward, so conservatives should expect Cheadle to jump to their defense the next time the PC police strikes right?

No. That’s not how liberal logic works.

When liberals tell someone they should “die in a grease fire” as Cheadle did to Trump, they get to make excuses for it with no repercussions. But when a conservative dares to have an opinion that differs from liberal orthodoxy, the left pounces with vile, hateful rhetoric.

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