• October 4, 2023

Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Having Sex With “My Little Pony”


A Pennsylvania man has been arrested for sneaking into a barn in order to have sex with a miniature pony.  A Lancaster man has been charged by Ephrata police with sexually molesting a miniature pony, a charge that the man says is true and that he had previously assaulted two times before.   Travis Wagner, 21, will face charges that could result in a two year prison term if he is found guilty, which is likely since he has admitted the charges are true.

According to WBAL News:

“According to witnesses, a vehicle had been spotted parking near a barn, and the driver was seen going inside for a short time, then leaving. Witnesses noted the license plate and provided the number to the investigator.”

Wagner could also be charged on burglary charges that could add another ten years to his sentencing, although it’s more likely some plea deal will be reached or possibly has already been reached for a full confession on the charges.  He was officially charged with illegal sexual intercourse with an animal.  Wagner has already had his first court appearance that ended with him being freed on a $5,000 unsecured bond.


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