Holy Cow! Sleepy Joe Just Got ANGRY And Got In A Woman’s Face!

Another day, another way of attempting to critiquing President Joe Biden. I have to be honest with you, my friend, but it is getting considerably difficult getting original when describing some of the off-the-wall things that President Joseph Robinette Biden attempts to do. Two words. Odd and muddled. That’s the type of behavior that this man has.

Of course, I realize that we’re all Trump supporters here, but one has to wonder if this is how the leftists felt after critiquing Donald Trump over the past four years. Of course, they appeared to run out of original things to say after “the Orange Man” or “Orange Man Bad” after about ten seconds of his administration, so I think we’re even beating them in THAT department.

Of course, when you compare our two most recent heads of state, it doesn’t take long to realize that it reflects very poorly on the current head of state, and not the former head of state.

You see, call him what you will, but at least Donald Trump could put together full sentences as well or better than many other supervisors could. Additionally, he always seemed to understand these current events, knew what was going on, and understood what he was doing. Simply put, he appeared capable of conducting himself in a manner that is typical for most normal human beings. Finally, he was able to respect the personal space of other humans the vast majority of the time.

On the other hand, we now have President Biden, and well…sometimes words just don’t describe or have the ability to give you a valid comparison regarding these two individuals. It simply doesn’t appear that President Biden is able to any or all of the things that his predecessor was able to do. Of course, this problem is definitely exacerbated by the fact that he is now the leader of the free world.

However, let’s take the issue of presidential politics out of it just for a minute. Giving someone their own personal space is (or should be) a given for anyone, from the neighborhood local bagging your groceries to the mayor of your town and everyone in between. However, as recent events would suggest, our standards have definitely sunk terribly low when it comes to the office of the President of the United States.

Let’s just cut to the chase here: Joe Biden literally told a woman that she should social distance while he himself was completely and totally violating her personal space! Yes, that’s right: he literally got JUST INCHES away from a woman’s face and told her that she needed to social distance. It’s just….well, there are literally no words to describe this. Sigh.

There was a video posted to Twitter that shows the current President of the United States in what appears to be a church addressing a woman on the importance of masks. He is telling her about the importance of social distancing. He then proceeds to tell the woman to “keep wearing a mask” but then immediately gets right in her space while pointing at his own.

Of course, Biden admitted that he himself wasn’t doing social distancing when he got in the woman’s face, saying, “you need to socially distance, which I’m not doing.” After he played it off, this was accompanied by some nervous laughter among the onlookers.

I don’t have to tell you that if Trump had pulled this the media would be all over it. But when Biden does it, crickets. Just crickets.

Seriously, folks, I get that a lot of Americans didn’t care for Trump, but is Biden the best we can do?

How do YOU feel about this? Your comments are appreciated!

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