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Holy Crap Liberals are Building Bomb Shelters Out of Fear of Trump [VIDEO]

I can’t believe these morons actually believe everything the fake news sites and pea brained celebrities say about the president.  Some of them are shelling out up to 8.4 million dollars for a shelter with a swimming pool (Where the hell would they get clean water from?) game rooms, shooting range and all other kinds of nonsense.  Once again President Trump is spurring the economy forward.



Luxury bomb shelter built inside old missile silo.

Gary Lynch, general manager of Rising S Co. in Murchison, Texas says that ever since the election of Donald Trump frightened liberals have been buying up his shelters at a furious pace.  Of course, after these nimrods buy a shelter, they will need to stock it with furniture and 20 years supply of food and water not to mention fuel for their generator.  What a bomb for the economy.  The only thing better would be if they decided not to wait for the big one to drop and move in immediately.

Sales of Rising S’s most luxurious shelters have jumped 700 percent in recent months, he said. Lynch didn’t provide specific data on how many units he typically sells, but he said Rising S Co. recorded about $14 million in sales during the past year.

Although Lynch credits Trump’s surprising rise to power for the latest sales spike, he said a similar jump in sales occurred eight years ago when President Obama took office.

He has been building shelters for 13 years.

“When a Republican is president, the left wants to buy a bunker,” he said. “It’s the opposite when a Democrat is president.”

Popular phrases

The phrase “#Trumpocalypse” has taken on a life of its own on social media such as Twitter.

And a quick search online shows many other examples of people taking advantage of Trump’s knack for controversy to sell their fare.



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