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Home Invaders Bring Tasers But They Are the Ones Who Get Shocked



Never take a taser to a gun fight.  You’ll lose every time as two wannabe home invaders found out in Tampa, Florida.  The two broke down the door and an argument ensued.  The occupant of the house pulled out his gun and shot the two wannabe burglars, then he took off.  From there it gets weird.  The two went to the hospital to be treated for non life threatening injuries.  Neither one is cooperating with the police, who meanwhile cannot find the occupant of the house.

More details have come out to add to the mystery.  It seems the two home invaders, Leanys Rodriguez-Charon, 27, and Carlos Anthony Rodriguez, 28, rented a car in Miami and drove it all the way up to Tampa and tried to break into a specific house.

From The Conservative Tribune:

The circumstances were clearer on other points:

The assailants had a 2-to-1 advantage in weapons, but the firearm beat the Tasers. Would they have broken in if they’d known there was a man with a gun inside? Probably not.

Should law enforcement personnel address deadly force threats by drawing their Tasers? As the Tampa thugs discovered, the person with the gun has an advantage over the person with the Taser, which has been proven to get less consistent results.

The Tampa Twosome, in their clumsy way, might have inadvertently made a good case for police and civilians being equipped as well as possible.

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