• December 11, 2023

Denmark Is Not The Socialist Utopia Many Think It Is

I love when people bring up Denmark, and talk about all the free stuff they receive. Anyone in their right mind knows the resources come from collective taxes. If it works, more power to them, but I tend to think there has to be a bitterness within the achievers. You see, Mr. Socialist College Student? There’s no such thing as a “free lunch.” Someone, somewhere is paying for your education, sweating and working hard for you to get ahead.

According to Young Conservatives:

Denmark has some of the highest, if not THE highest, taxes in the world. On top of having extremely high income taxes they also have a 25% sales tax.So all the ‘free stuff’ they are talking about in the meme, isn’t actually free. The people who actually work (it’s a huge welfare state as well) are the ones paying for everything. Imagine working most of the week to pay for government programs, getting your pay check to realize they took more than HALF of YOUR hard-earned income to redistribute elsewhere?

The clock is ticking on socialism, Cuba, Venezuela to a small Degree Brazil , England with the EU, see the disadvantages but fear not the United States is yet to give it the Old college try, and if Hillary gets elected, strap yourself in. Why do not people look to the failures and see it does not work without an iron fist? I hope it never comes to that, but we will know soon enough. What do you think?

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