• June 21, 2024

[VIDEO] POLICE BRUTALITY: Honolulu Police Officer Attacks Two People Inside Game Room

It’s jaw dropping video. A 54-second clip from inside a game room near Ala Moana on September 5 clearly shows a Honolulu Police officer assaulting two people.

Officer Vince Morre walks in and within seconds, kicks a 25-year old man in the face.

Morre and Officer Nelson Tamayori then walk to the back of the game room. They are looking for someone who is not there.

When they return from the back, Officer Tamayori heads to the door, but Officer Morre stops and begins assaulting the two men sitting next to him. Neither is resisting or engaging Morre but he begins to slap, punch, then kick one of them.

He then turns his attention to the 25-year old man again, kicking him in the head a second time. The blow is so hard, the man flies off of his chair. As he is trying to sit back down, Officer Morre picks up a stool and throws it. It hits the man in the head.

The FBI is investigating for possible civil rights violations.


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