Horrifying Pictures Of Little Boy After Encounter With School Bully

A 7-year old boy, Jak, has been left with a severe head wound after a school “bully” pushed him onto a metal pole.


Jak’s mom, Laney claims that her son is being viciously bullied at school and has been whipped by skipping ropes, stabbed by paper clips and pencils and hit in the face with a tennis racket. The mum also claimed that on another occasion, the “bully”, his brother and two other children stamped on the youngster’s head at the school in Telford, Shropshire.


But with the latest incident of bullying, Laney claims that the school “bully” allegedly shoved Jak into a metal pole that hit his head.

Jak suffered concussion and a “tennis ball-sized” swelling to the side of his head after the alleged bullying.

Laney took her son to A&E when the bump swelled the following day after medics had dismissed the symptoms as a concussion. The young boy has now undergone surgery to drain a blood clot and puss from his head and had an electric vacuum drain inserted.

They later returned home to celebrate Jak’s birthday party with three sets of antibiotics but youngster was unable to enjoy the party because of severe head pain.

Laney said: “Jak is lying in a bed on strong medication with tubes coming out of him while the bully has carried on with life as normal. My son has been on a hospital bed for six days, not once has the bully missed a break time or received any punishment”

“We need to stand up to bullies, pull together and make a change.” Laney added.

Laney also claims that she reported the incident to the police but officers told her that nothing could be done as the alleged bully is under the age of ten. She also alleged that the Telford-based school has “done nothing”.

West Mercia Police said officers received “a report of an assault at a school in the Telford area which a seven-year-old boy was injured.”

They added: “We are currently working with the school and the families concerned to establish exactly what happened.”

Laney has posted about the incident on Facebook called “Justice For Jak”



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