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There has been a lot of speculation on how the new COVID vaccine works since it is the first of its kind.

The mRNA vaccine is being touted as a HUGE medical marvel and a next step in making sure our population is taken care of with illnesses.

The CDC does confirm that these vaccines are a new type and that they were manufactured to help protect against infectious diseases. The theory behind this new vaccine is that it will “teach” our bodies to make specific proteins that would trigger an immune response inside our bodies.

Ok, that sounds all well and good but no one thinks our bodies know how to do fight infection?

That is what it does all day when we come into contact with stuff and it will continue to happen.

Yes, this is a new virus but our bodies do know how to react and fight it once it greets it and the more people who are interacting with one another will gain herd immunity.

That is how it has worked for centuries and it still is good today.

However, that is not what these big companies want since it means that there would be less money in it for them, right?

If people were actually taking care of themselves and doing what they needed then they wouldn’t need big pharma at all.

The issue is not that people get sick but that big pharma creates more sickness and then offers a “cure” that only creates more sickness.

That is what this vaccine is doing to people as many doctors have stated over the last year.

Now, this video has come out that seems to confirm exactly what everyone has been saying and it is terrifying.

I am not saying this is all 100% accurate but I am saying that it sounds pretty on point to me and it definitely needs more research.

Take a listen here:


What do you think?

Share your thoughts below and if this sounds plausible to you too?

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